WhatsApp gets a Private Investment round and now is running a Public Sale

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Receive $5 USD for free usage into the WhatsApp Payments platform and participate from the Beta testers program.

WhatsApp Payments was initial tested in India with people through banks UPI, thanks to their biggest market of 200 million users, the proofs were successfully made, our source informs us. The necessity of transfer money in their own country and to the rest of the world, clearly shows the potential of the Payments feature for WhatsApp with a little sample of the population and 1 million transactions made per month.

Institutions proved internally the effectiveness of the Payments network and now they are implementing cryptography for transactions to improve security through Blockchain technology for average users through WhatsApp app, this make possible to apply different conversions from fiat to cryptocurrencies and viceversa depending on the user preferences.

During the Public Sale will be running the Bonus Program that allow reach the average users and encourage the registry into the platform for the usage of WAP that will be the currency by default for the beta testers program after the Public Sale is over.

The Bonus Program will be supported thanks to a small share of the Private Sale amount that was finished before the Public Sale begins with different institutions that have interests for the growth of WhatsApp Payments in different countries. For that reason for every user registry will be obtained $5 USD for the platform usage that will be withdrawn to the app after the Public Sale ends.

The currency of WhatsApp Payments will be a Stablecoin in equal value of $1 USD that will maintain a stable economy into the app versus the rest of the world with the same specific price of the Dollar. In the case of other countries, will be apply the respective conversion to their own currency. A Stablecoin allow to immediately be available for the app users through an easy conversion and gives the neccesary confidence to the users because the price is not volatile.

WhatsApp has an engaged user base that serves as the pre-existing critical mass necessary for the ecosystem to grow and eventually become adopted by more than 1.6 billions monthly active users being the most used messenger app in the world.

Joining the Public Sale means that you will be exclusive part of the Beta testers program and first usage of the service. Also you have the opportunity to benefit from the Bonus Program that will give you an advantage into WhatsApp Payments. Register at https://whatsapppay.org